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 based in the UK and the UK

I have Global Entry Wich means no delays at airport entry in the USA so always able to be with client when we arrive in the USA if we fly together .

Also means I have been vitted by the USA federal Government with a complete background check

I also have a NJ state Police security permit. 

I am not a one man company I work for other company's as an independent contractor .
I will talk at training camps giving advice from my years on the job. I will work for others and help resolve problems with clients to turn around mistakes and move foward too improve relationship rather than find a new company.

I will work on site as an operative has if it was my own company to give my best.  On behalf of such company's. If I am working with a company you can bet they are a great company to work with for and on behalf of. 

When I work for my own clients. I give them 150%. At no point have I had a complaint my clients trust means I trust them. 

The staff that have worked under my supervision have never complained in fact I can show you nothing but great remarks because I treat them as i want to be treated with respect.

I don't do late in fact ear,y for work always .i believe that every client gets the treatment of head of state. 

Check out my past clients. And history.  The when you feel your company needs a fixer or someone to turn it around give me a call. 

Thanks you
Mike Callaghan 

Frank Lampard OBE Footballer for England and NYC USA.

Katy Perry Part of her security  team when she visited London UK 2017 radio Absolute 

Personal bodyguard  for Nathan James of Inglorious British Rock Band  

MAY 2017 

and also for this event only 
Meryl Streep 
CP at the Event  only 

Royalty.    RST London  September   October 2015
Film primers London September - October 2015 
Privet-client-surveillance    August 2015 USA
Gibson's  London studios Event for  Noel Gallagher Pretty green June 2015
just another job but this time with some one i truly ike and have meat when looking after  another Celeb back in the 90's
Alice Cooper 

The  Fashion Ball hosted be Samuel L Jackson.  June 2015 London 
The London Music awards London June 2015 
Red Carpet event The Move Mr Holmes. June 2015 London  
Red carpet event the move entourage. June 2015 London
London fashion week  East  London  June  2015
Red Carpet event the movie  SPY  LONDON 2015 

The British BAFTA awards May 2015 

The DARKNESS   Gibson's  London UK April 2015

Cp at Gibson Guitars studies London December 2015.
CP for Christian O'Connell, the presenter of Absolute Radio's November 2015
Cp for absolute Radio stereophonic Camden supporting the Personal at the venue Nov 2015
Red Carpet events on behalf  H and T Nov 2015
Private House Party in London RST  Nov 2015
Inglorious Rock Band Personal at Gibson's Nov 2015
Person's  in  the London area  November 2015 Unable to sate who.
Gibson London Oct 2015
BFI London Oct 2015 
Gibsons DJ Norman Jay 2015 London.
The London fashion Ball with Samuel L Jackson 2015 London 
The Premiere of Mr Holmes  London 2015
The  Premiere  of entourage London 2015
Graduate Fashion week 2015 London.
The Premiere of  SPY the movie  Red Carpet event  London 2015 
Private Event  for 13NOIR UK 2015
The BAFTA Awards 2015 London UK
The Darkness  at Gibson's London April 2015
The Laurence Olivier Awards 2015
Gibson's Studios London  Event March 2015 
V,B W1 London Location March 2015. 
Personal for Mick Ralph's Bad Company Event 
High risk  London Location Knightsbridge, March 2015
Private Principal Location 
High risk London Location Knightsbridge, Dec 2014
Gibson guitars in London UK Dec 2014  
 high risk London Location Knightsbridge, 2014
Team Leader at a Victoria Beckham  London
high risk London Location Knightsbridge, 2014
Personal Protection for a Clients family in Mayfair 
CP at a Private Event at high risk London 
CP Event for Mr Gallagher London 
CP Event The Pretty Reckless 
CP.Noel Gallagher Nov 2014.  For Tommy Brown 
Princess of Thailand's Royal family personal protection Nov 2014 London
Escorted Jaden Smith
CP, For The Mayor of Tokyo's Oct 2014
Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, 
Victoria Beckham London 
Mercury Awards 
Private Event London 
Dorchester Hotel London private Event 
Royalty Protection Unable to say who or where. When
Royalty  London Mayfair UK
High Court Judge USA
Privet Principal Hollywood Ca 
Emily Mallory Procter 

Royalty Protection . Unable to say who or where. But was great few days and Thank every one i worked with. Look forward to working with you all again and sad to say goodbye to Andy Davies a great CP. June 2014


               WHAT DO WE DO 

  • Security patrols for businesses, including door work for bars and clubs   
  • Event security for high profile and private events              
  • Retail security and loss prevention with plain clothes officers       
  • Assessment & design of security provision for your business.       
  • Private Investigations and surveillance 

                                       EVENT SECURITY 
Private house parties other parties any kind of event if it is a book signing or a red carpet event we can give the best security you can find, always smart and fit in with the clients needs. 


  • Close protection / bodyguard service
  • Assessing and designing security provision for your home.
  • Child custody supervision and protection.
  • Security advice.
  • Asset protection – personal security officer/s to provide extra protection for your valuable assets at home or abroad.
 Whether you need a regular security patrol for your business or a one-off close protection service for a date with someone you have just met, Beat Officer can provide the security to suit you. 

 Contact Mike Callaghan, CPO, To find out more and discuss your security needs.
              co-operates fully with the police and local  authorities.

    Close Protection,
    It is not just for CEO's,  the rich and the famous.