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Mike C, for full background check out www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-callaghan/53/151/537/

My Name is Michael Callaghan. 

I have been in the security industry for 30 years, from security guard to door supervisor, Key-holding Alarm activations and store security, security adviser, Close Protection of all kinds, army and police background,  
I have worked with  
"Celebs and  A Grade clients" I have also had to protect reporters when reporting in G8 as well as with abused partners in hiding, company directors, and children,  and from time to time  witness protection should you need to go to court and  feel safe in front of an ex partner or someone you know it happens more than you know. 
That you find yourself as a witness yet you do not have the  protection that is where we can help.   

I am a member of the SIA, i have a current licence  and  a full security background, and I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. 
I and anyone who works for me or with me in the UK  are also members of the SIA and licensed, and in the  USA i use EP's and PPO's that have permits.   
I work alone most of the time and can fly anywhere in the world within 24 hours of a call.  
As I take on Principals from all kinds of backgrounds from abused partners and children to high Risk grade principals, such as, VIP, Celebs,
CEO'S or famous public figures. 
But should I need more manpower, I am able to use the resources of the few Companies I work along side when they need me  I also use them. And others 
 I would work with  GDB as they have the manpower in the USA and are able to do so around the world and with others that I can trust with great staff and fully trained CPO's
I Can take on work anywhere, I ask you to take a  Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me . 

My Back ground in short, 

British Army, 1980 to 83
Door security in nightclubs 1983-86
Key holding security alarm activations 1986-89
Security guard and patrol supervisor. 1990-91
Door supervisor Ritzy London 1990-91
Bodyguard Course  Excel security 1991
Security Adviser LA USA 1992-93
Private Principals with a few celebs 1993-1997
Security Manager golf course  1997-2002
Security DC Leisure   2002-2005
Met Police Officer UK  2006-2008
Close protection 2007-2013


UK Private Event at high-risk London Location Knightsbridge, March 2015

All Gibson Guitars events UK London March on behalf of TTC. 

East London Event in  wine bar location March 2015.

Victoria Beckham London Mayfair UK, Event,

UK Private Event at high-risk London Location Knightsbridge, Dec 2014


Gibson guitars in London UK Dec 2014 

CP at a Private Event at high risk London Location Knightsbridge, 2014

Team Leader at a Victoria Beckham London Location W1

CP at a Private Event at high risk London Location Knightsbridge, 2014

Personal Protection for a Clients family Mayfair Dec 2014 London 

CP at a Private Event at high risk London Location Knightsbridge, 2014

CP Event for Liam Gallagher London Nov 2014

CP The Pretty Reckless Nov 2014 London

CP. for Noel Gallagher Nov 2014.

Thailand's royal family personal protection Nov 2014 London.

Escorted Jaden Smith Around the shard Nov 2014.

CP, For The Mayor of Tokyo Oct 2014 visit London

Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London Oct 2014

Victoria Beckham London Oct 2014

Mercury Awards Oct 2014

Private Event London Maida Vail Oct 2014

Dorchester Hotel London private Event Oct 2014

Royalty Protection . Unable to say who or where. But was great few days and Thank every one i worked with. Look forward to working with you all again soon. June 2014

Our  mission is to enable you to concentrate on your business and personal interests, safe in the knowledge that we will deal with all security related issues, 
Enabling you to carry on as normal a life as possible. 
At all times it is your safety and your personal and private life We take into account.   

Michael Callaghan PPO / CPO


John Vail.
Close Protection Operative.
Self employed.

Highland Associates
uk 07850759777   (craig evans) MD

  • UK  07920793512 (Work)
Beatofficer ID 1066.

 reliable, hard working and give's 100% on every job.
has worked with celebrities from film & music, sportsmen/women, Saudi Royals and private clients.

I Mike Callaghan have worked with John on a number of high profile job's and would and will continue to work with him at any time.

Also one of the best CP's on the streets  Tommy Brown.  ID number to come 
he works with many celebs and Holds the Gibson London contract and many others. i would work under him anytime  and i trust him  to be a honest man and a great person, if i take on work from him it stays with him, 

Tom BrownOwner, TTC Security Limited
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  2. Show and Event Security