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Threat Assessment
An in-depth examination of all possible threats to client and family, taking into account place of residence, business associates, activities, place of work, travel arrangements and social activities.
Threats are calculated against the risk and appropriate use of security measures to negate the risk. A sound threat assessment is an invaluable tool in determining the appropriate level of security.
 Personal Security  Like i do for the Rock Band INGLoRIoUS.


Close Protection
Executive Protection -  also Royalty   Protection. Celebrity 
A Close Protection Officer (CPO) or (PPO) Personal Protection Operative working within a Close Protection Team. The size of team can vary, dependent on your requirements and the threat assessment. Your Close Protection Team will, ideally, accompany you on all schedules; a high level of protection is maintained in a discreet manner. The Close Protection Officer will blend in to any given situation, be of smart appearance, and provide round-the-clock personal protection. The Close Protection Team discreetly ensure the smooth running of your daily routine, to a point that you may forget that they are there - until you need them.
Some times you may need them to stand out and, yes, that is part of the assessment and we will look at that when we have our meeting to see what your needs are and what we need to do in order to protect you. It might be that you need protection to stand out, as in the photo alongside.


EVENT Security  

Always be safe when going out, especially if it is on a first date. You need to be safe: the person you are meeting may not act the same as when you're talking online, or even at work, so think about where you're going, what time, and if you can be seen on CCTV. If you do not feel safe once you're on the date, stop. Think. Go to the bathroom and call a friend and have them meet you inside the same place. Do not go out the door with your date if you                                                           feel unsure of them.

I am starting a new program for women going on 1st dates with someone they have found on a dating site, better to be safe than sorry. they have a one off bodyguard/close protection operative, for the simple amount of $/£150. for the night out and $/£300 for the whole night. they will take you to and from your date, and stay with you. that way you can go on a date and not worry about getting home again. or being attacked by the person you're meeting.

When your in a club and dancing be safe knowing that we are watching from above or the side lines checking every moment of the date is going the way you plan it, and only when i or my staff think you may be in danger will we be seen. unless you want to make it clear you have protection , that can be good for 2 reasons, 1. the person man or woman will see you have someone always around to protect you, 2. they will know that they would not be able to use you, abuse you, or control you as we are always going to be on hand to stop it from happening. 

Besides what looks better than a car turning up and myself or a member of my team getting out and opening the door for you and then walk in just behind you, as we would have already been to the club, party or restaurant to let them know we will be with you so you be treated like a VIP from the first moment, would anyone truly want to think about hurting you or abusing you , i think they would think hard before they did.

This can also be for your children if they have a party to go to and you want to show you care, give them more than a ride home, know they will get home safe and sound but also make them feel like VIPs for the day or night.

contact me if you want anything i have just said and we can talk.

Mike Callaghan
This also could include, that one-off meeting or trip away  
and you just want security around you, may be even on a 1st date or long weekend. Or maybe a trip to court.
Sometimes you may have a Red Carpet or book signing. You may want to take your child to a party and would not need to use a FULL (PED) Personal Escort Detail but would like someone to oversee you or your loved one for a short time.
Contact Us for the Cost of this one off CPO.

Combine the Occasion Bodyguard with a luxury chauffeur driven vehicle (not included) through our service partners and you have the Ultimate VIP gift.  
To book your own professional bodyguard for that special occasion, with the Beatofficer pool of manpower this is not a problem for Beatofficer.com Or you may want to have a (CPO) ride along with your son or daughter to show them how to avoid being carjacked or drive better and safer. Then there is The time when you go away and do not want to leave your loved one at home on their own, we can help there also with our RST residential security team.
You may have a one off Party at your office and need security we can do that also even if it is at your home, maybe you have a wedding and need to have security for the hall call us we'll be happy to be there for you. Even If it is to Patrol the car park why you have fun inside, knowing that your car and visits cars are safe.
Whatever your needs call us we can find away to help,and if not, with the contacts And connections I have made in the years I have been doing this work i will find someone that can help for you, big events not a problem, Small one off, ok we can do that, red carpets? just call we have  everything you need and  the manpower to back it up.
Need your security staff trained "Are they looking untidy and seem to be sleeping around on the job"  I can come and take a look, talk to you, and then re-train and smarten them up in no time.
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AND So Much more to come.