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                           Can being on an RST team be fun?   

If you have a party and need security take on a team that can work with you and not over-power you.
Can this kind of job  be fun to work on?   answer:

 Security is not all boring patrols or red carpet mayhem, it can be fun  , like doing a party at a private home, for  50 + 18 year old's. 
Once you have the team in place and the client has told you what they want from you , and you have walked around and found the problem areas and unsafe locations and the dangers on the patrols and grounds,Once all that is done, you know what your job is and the job of the team.  

we do not want to wear uniforms and stand  in any ones way , we are there for safety of the premises and to keep the party going to plan, to step in when needed , This kind of Security is much different from any other event security, the client needs to know they have the right team around them and that in fact, once they have spoken to the security, unless rules change or some other problem comes up that needs an “OK” on it, then they should not need to hear from you.

But make sure you like the way they are towards you, I would say better to meet the security ahead of time so to be sure you are happy with them. Once the guest's are in and the party is underway do not  leave the same person on the door all night long, change over ,give each other a break on the patrols, it helps as sometimes the teens get a liking for one and then try to play up to them.
 It is also helpful if you have a female on the team should you need to man handle any of them as they have had too much to drink or they feel sick or even have a problem they would not talk about to a man, One such problem came about when one young person had too much to drink, she was in fact sick on my suit but you know that is part of this job,  
but for this problem  I would have been happy letting a female CP handle it because I had to, in the end , pick her up, and it meant asking her to put her arms around me while I carried her to the car that was waiting,  I would have been  happier with a female helping me with that, But once again that is part of this job, if you cannot handle teens and others that have had a drink and  maybe too much but you still have to treat them like they have not done anything wrong then you are in the wrong job, in this job you have to take what comes your way.

 Another problem is keeping the neighbour's happy, you know the night went good when no one complained about the noise,  Remember, your client is paying you to stop trouble and keep every one happy, so if you get a complaint don’t go running to the client,  you simply say I m sorry I will get this problem sorted and feel free if you want to come back to me and let me know if you still have a problem and yes if need be give them you’re your mobile number remember the client is paying you to take on the problems . One more problem that I can say, Cab drivers! when it comes to teens they try to take money off them, if you feel a cab driver is making a problem, the guests are still your problem until they have left the STREET. 

REMEMBER the client does not need the problem and any noise outside including cab drivers fighting with guests is a problem, One such problem happened, 2 girls, one boy get in a cab one girl is slightly sick on her friend,  'cab driver' “ you pay me now, pay me now or you get out", teens starts crying and getting upset 'cab driver' gets louder, I walk over, open back door tell guests to go back in the house away from the driver, I show him my ID and tell him to 1. stop shouting, and 2. if he wants payment then send the bill to me or the guest address he was taking them too, He does not like that but not my problem, and I walk away. 

Problem was not the clients but if we let that get out of control he calls cops or someone would and then you have police outside, we do not want Flashing lights and cops running around outside, I find this kind of job some of the best, you know what the job is and it is simple make it a safe night and one that no one complains about,  Yes ok you have to contact the client if the party person invites friends on the phone and sends text's, you need to let them make a decision  on that as it is letting others in not on the list you have, 
Example of a problem that can happen, a boy and girl found in a room and you hear the girl say stop you have to step up and walk in and say hey she said STOP.,  
it matters not who is paying you that does not happen,  one thing a security  person should not do and that is cover for a crime like that. Ok in that case no crime but when a woman use’s the word Stop, that is what she means. Better to make it clear NO ONE UP IN THE  ROOMS.  
So to recap. 

No one in the bedrooms.
Only inform client in the night should any of the rules be changed by another member of the household.
Look out for guests even when outside the grounds until they have moved away from the grounds and streets.
 have a female member of staff on the team but if not ,only hands on when no other way can be found ,if need be this is a time to inform the client if one of them happens to be a female,

Always be smart then you'll be seen as a professional .