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You have to always be able to patrol or look around your grounds in the home and out if you can not use a garage clean it make it so you can get around it for more than one reason, you may have to get out that way.

in this photo the client could not even get out that way the door was not working and he could not move in it.  i spent the day changing that.

the next day he could not only see around the  garage he could also use it,with the door working  he could now use it for a car. 

It is important that as a Close protection operative you are able to fix things like the door or tidy it up it is the same throughout the home or office or garden, 

You will see that in a job of security it is not all about putting on a uniform or a suit and patrolling and protecting, it is about considering every job that makes it safe for your principal,

then the next set of photos. before and after.

a garden unkept, the client could not even see down the end of his garden . as a close protection officer you have to show the dangers and then let the client decide the level of safety they want.

You will see an uncovered deep pond, pumps not working, shrubs around the garden over growing, and an empty unlocked shed at the bottom of the garden, after looking i also found entry points that the client did not know about in the fencing on both sides of the garden.  


you see a tidy garden but i never stopped with that, i removed the water from the pond until the client decided what he wanted to do and he decided he wanted to put a pool in it's place. 
i checked the electric's that went to the pump and lighting and removed the pumps and fixed the lighting . so it would go on and  off when needed. 

the bottom of the garden was next if you can not see down to the bottom then you need to patrol it if it is unsafe then you could make more problems for the client when doing your job. so anything unlocked needs to be locked and anything unused needs to be used or removed. 

you see they wanted a tree house for the children but also wanted to have a new shed at the end of the garden that is fine but you have to point out laws that some trees you need to get permission to cut down or remove or cut back called Topping an apple tree. in this case they did not,

So i agreed the tree should be cut back. and the shed that was unstable and not used should be removed  and a temporary fence fitted until a new one could be put in. 


after the removal of the shed you note the fence is back up at the back  and the danger removed for anyone to hide from you. But this was done in one day and the next we had a new fence up. 
the tree was cut back 

your also note that the fence in the background was not secure for this client and after a threat assessment we decided to put a 6ft panel fence up on both sides.

in all it took 2 days to do a 5 day job but as a CPO you need to make it safe for your client .

 In all the job you're paid to do means you must do it right, make it clear to work in, and for others to take over from you, this would be the case in any job and below are a few photos for you to see, 

i also had to, and yes you may not believe this, protect 3 Fish! the principal  i will never say who, loved the fish, they meant everything to him and in fact  cost around £7000.

so once again, until it was made safe i had to protect them, so from sun up to sundown i stood guard stopping herons from coming down and taking them. and i used that time to tidy the garden and make it safe for the client and yes the fish.

you have to be able to paint, decorate, plumb, wall build, and yes putting up a false wall can come in handy and i have done.  

in all the photos you see it was work that needed doing, and the false wall was used to put a safety room in,





the room that was made in to 2 for the safety room.


in side the frame we used steel panels and a fire door. inside it had a cctv to the house grounds and 2 landlines  with a mobile network system,  

 So many times you have to change something, walk outside, look at your ground, can someone hide without you knowing they are there., can some one get in to your home or office without being seen. in the daytime and night time, 

Can you patrol your job if not talk to the principal let them know you can make the job safe for them and you if they let you, 

If you can not do it ask them to contact me  i'll come and do it for you,

Mike C