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Friendly Beat officer Visit’s   

Able to visit your home and talk to you about any worries you may have and set up patrols or visits. Able to set up over night stays at your home should you feel you couldn’t go away and have your home empty. Or would be able to set up street patrols for a time you feel you most need one.  

The Beat officer will be in uniform and carry ID unless you feel you want plain clothes, he is able to make reports for you and if need be set up surveillance should you feel you need it. He would come to you set up patrols for you that you need, and it could be high profile so every one can see him. 
He would be friendly and would talk to your neighbour’s but not reveal he is working for you unless you want him to. He can visit or stay when needed and should you have to go away he would arrange to stay over night. If you need a long term Beat officer Talk to your neighbours and you could see if they would pay for one with you to have a full time Beat officer.


The Beat officer is not a replacement to your police force, they work hard to protect you and your belongings. But the Beat officer is able to patrol at times you need them to and can help inform the police for you should they be needed.  We like to think we work with the police to help reduce crime.  What we do is show anyone wanting to be a problem that you have private high visible security on duty.

If you're intrested then contact me On the number we have or e-mail what you need and when to contact you.


If one home owner

We understand that you cannot pay for the street to have patrols and unless you can have other's help you with the cost it is simple. We are there for you so we would ask you what time of day  you feel you need a patrol, then we would visit at that time and would come to you but report if we see anything else on the street.  The cost for your own Beat officer would be between you and your Beat officer and would be agreed at time of the  1st visit. 


Street Beat officer's can be hired by a number of homeowners and they would have monthly meetings with them and talk about any problem's that have come up in the patrols or if they have any for him.  Should you need you can call him when he is on the street and ask him to pop in for a chat. The Idea is to be seen by every one on the street that you have patrols but some times you may want him in plain clothes.   

 If you need more patrols then it would cost more and would be better to have more Neighbours but after seeing your Beat officer they may ask you about him. We walk your street unless it is a long street between neighbours but we get out and walk by the home that is what you would be  paying for after all.    
 The more neighbours you have the less each of you pay and the longer you have a Beat officer on your street. 

What is a Beat officer

       Your very own security officer that can communicate with you about anything that may be worrying you on your street someone you can talk to via phone or a visit and you do not have to report a problem to police if you feel you do not like to as they will do it for you, they are trained to work with the public and your neighbour’s.

Why would you need them

         When you have a Beatofficer he is like the old way of patrolling your streets. Police do not have time or manpower to get out and walk your street or see you and chat about what you are doing or what you may be bothered about in your streets.  Someone you can talk to, be seen and others will see you have security.  They can be some one to talk to not just to report crime to and if he does not see you he may even check on you.

Do they replace police NO?

                  Beat officer's need the police as they are the law they have the right to make an arrest under different laws than a security officer. But a security officer has the training to make an arrest under the civilian  arrest law. But can do it safely And detain them for the police to arrive then help them should they need back up to secure a crime scene.  We need our POLICE officers

What do we believe? IN TALKING  

Talking is how you find out what is going on on the street. 
Talking is how you are informed of a crime. 
Talking can help you look out for your neighbours. 
Talking can make you feel cared for. And we care.